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Enhancing Lives Of People By Rendering World Class Water Treatment Products And Services!!
An Introduction

Vedant Chemicals Industries is a global company that manufactures and installs its product-line required for the industrial waste water treatment. The treatment, de-watering and separation of sludge are the main and primary activities of our offered products. With our offerings like ETP, Sand Media Filters, Soda Ash Light, Heat Exchanger, Water Treatment Chemicals For Boiler, etc. we ensure treatment of water at any degree. At our company, we believe that the desire of customers not only end when they buy a product, but one should be capable enough to fulfill their requirements even after their purchase of products. This is the reason; apart from rendering high quality water treatment products, we also work as a service provider and provide the best services for water treatment plants. We, as a trader, deliver our products on time at right places using a safe and fast distribution channel. For this reason, we have become the favorable choice of our customers within a couple of years.

Our People

Although, it has been only a couple of years since we have established ourselves in the market, yet each of our employee has years of experience of this domain. Leveraging upon which we have able to carve a niche in the Indian market. It is because of our team of twenty members that we are climbing ladders of success as they work in synchronization with each to overcome all the obstacles that may come in our path of achieving our targets. This enables us to ensure that each business operation is carried out smoothly without any trouble. Their dedication and hard work is what enabling us to bring the best to our customers and end-buyers.

Our Values

The foundation stone of our company is laid down on bulletined below values and it is because of these values that we are gaining popularity not only in the Indian market but worldwide.
  • Mutual respect for everyone: People may forget the quality of products but one thing that leaves a mark on their hearts is the way in which we treat them.
  • Ethical values: Being honest and dealing with fairness is what we have done since we emerged and this is what we will be continuing to do for years to come.
  • Commitment to quality: Our fair business dealings in collaboration with our quality products are pushing us to the path of success.

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